It Is Normal To Feel Like This:

During these uncertain times, many are now exposed to a higher level of anxiety and stress. There are even some that might never have experienced these emotions of anxiety before and are now struggling to deal with the effects. The first step to help reduce anxiousness is to understand that it is normal. We tend to think that we are alone, but it helps to know that there are millions of people around the world that are currently sharing the same distress and uncertainty for what the future holds.


Stay Connected:

We are fortunate enough that technology today is so advanced, that it provides a platform to stay connected even during social isolation. Staying in touch with family and friends will be a good support structure especially involving emotional support. Frequent communication not only allows encouragement for one another, but it causes one to feel less alone during this pandemic.

Limiting News And Social Media:

It is important to always stay informed about the latest news and updates for the economy. But, with this, there should still be certain limitations set in place. The current news and social media can be very discouraging. If one is exposed to it regularly it may heighten the feelings of anxiousness and stress. Therefore, limiting your news updates to an hour in the morning and/or evening will allow one to stay informed, but at the same time create a healthy balance when it comes to news intake.

Maintaining Your Routine:

Having a set routine is crucial, especially during this time. This will give one a sense of control and predictability. Many children are now being homeschooled, and at the same time parents are instructed to work from home which can be incredibly challenging. Therefore, having a time schedule that everyone can adhere to at home will help create a sense of order and decrease unnecessary stress that can be avoided. The key is to be creative. For example, many children attended sports activities after school and by incorporating some form of sport to the time schedule will allow children to get the exercise they need, releasing energy and it is a great stress reliever!


Engaging In Hygiene And Precaution Measures:

There are so many effective tips given how to maintain good hygiene during Covid-19. Engaging in these hygiene and precaution measures will help to shift one’s mind from the things you cannot control to the things you can control. By doing this, we minimize the chances of contracting the virus and feel more at ease knowing that we are doing all that what we can to prevent the spread.

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