• Miscommunicating often
  • Unaware of your partner’s day-to-day activities
  • Arguing more often
  • Technological devices take favour over quality time
  • Time spent with friends and hobbies are valued more
  • Not prioritizing date night regularly
  • Not missing your partner when you are not together
  • Tend to go alone to important events
  • Feeling alone in the relationship
  • Not feeling emotionally close to your partner


2.1 Strengthens communication

Spending time together allows one to talk more often. The content discussed during this time can be light-hearted topics or an opportunity for deep, emotional thoughts and feelings to be shared. Both partners should always try to have shared expectations about the general theme of discussion during this time. Conflict usually arises when one wants to discuss problem areas when spending quality time together while the other person expected light-hearted, non-serious conversations.

2.2 Building a friendship

So many couples forget the importance of having a friendship-relationship with their partner. Creating opportunities to do silly things together, having fun, laughing, and showing your “lighter” side helps you put aside the seriousness for a while and relax in each other’s company, thus creating a healthy balance between focus and freedom to maintain a successful relationship.

2.3 Improves emotional intimacy

Spending more time with your partner allows you to connect emotionally and immediately enhances emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy involves the action of being vulnerable with one another and open to express any emotion/s, especially those you tend to hold close to your heart. Make sure to provide a non-judgmental space where both will always feel heard and safe to share.

2.4 Improves physical intimacy

As much as it is necessary to invest in emotional intimacy in a relationship, it is also vital to make time for physical intimacy. Prioritizing alone time will create an opportunity to make this a part of the relationship. Physical intimacy usually flows effortlessly and naturally when couples make time to nurture the emotional intimacy in their relationship.

2.5 Enhances positive conflict management

A major reason why couples tend to argue a lot and struggle to get along is due to a lack of quality time. It leaves them feeling disconnected from one another, and when feeling disconnected from their partner, fear and insecurity might start to settle in. Instead of verbalizing these fears, couples tend to show their concern for disconnect through arguing with one another and mostly it is about very insignificant things. The more time you spend together, the more connected you feel. This helps minimize the opportunity for unnecessary conflict.


3.1 Going away for a weekend more often

It is not always financially possible to go away every weekend to spend quality time together, but to try and do it once every two to three months is a lot more manageable. Home is our safe space, where you want to relax, enjoy me-time, do your own thing and just be comfortable. That is exactly what makes it so hard for couples to truly connect when at home. When you go away together, it forces you to spend time in each other’s company. A new environment always brings excitement and adventure to the relationship!

3.2 Exercising together

Exercising together is not only an opportunity to be in each other’s company, but it also helps to balance one’s busy schedule and still maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

3.3 Cooking together

Cooking a meal may not be everyone’s favourite part of the day, but it can be more exciting when couples work together to get it prepared. Having your partner next to you in the kitchen creates an atmosphere of teamwork and unity. Another advantage-it is a lot quicker, which means that there will be more time to relax together afterwards!

3.4 Taking part in each other’s hobbies

Taking part in your partner’s hobby will improve quality time but also help appreciate your partner’s differences and enhance compromise in the relationship. It is an opportunity for the relationship to grow stronger and allows you to witness your partner’s passion/s in life.

3.5 Regular date nights

Planning a date night is different from the above-mentioned activities one can do together. Date nights are supposed to be about spending time together, sharing love and romance. Visibly making your partner feel special and giving them your undivided attention. Doing this regularly will show your partner that they are your number one priority.

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