Recognize your child’s emotions and anxiety:

The normal day-to-day routine that most children are used to has been disrupted and taken away from them because of this pandemic. Parents should understand that certain fears, anxiety, and questions will be associated with such a disruption. Managing these emotions effectively will be key to help them process their new ‘normal’. For example, one of the ways this can be applied is by making use of an emotions chart with the little ones. They can indicate the emotion/s they are experiencing and by discussing this thoroughly, it will provide them with a sense of relief and containment.

Talking about COVID-19 goes hand in hand with recognizing your child’s emotions. Parents should always be willing to talk to their children about the pandemic and try to be as open and honest as possible. Naturally, there should be some limitations as to what parents decide to share with their children, being careful not to project their own fears and anxiety on them. When children have a greater awareness of COVID-19 they will most likely feel more empowered and less anxious about it.

It is a harsh reality that many parents have lost their jobs and source of income during COVID-19. Not only does this cause a lot of stress, but it also causes great uncertainty for what the future might hold. Understandably, any parent would want the best for their family, but due to the circumstances, it might feel impossible. With the sudden change of losing one’s job more time is now available. And although the changing economy might not be something that can be controlled, the way we use our time is something that can be changed and controlled. Therefore, parents can use this extra time available to them and engage with the family. Not only will spending time with your children and spouse help with stress management but this time can be viewed as an investment in your relationships with family members. A few months from now things will change and the time that you have available to spend with your family now might not be there in future.

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